Friday 14. January. /53
Clear sky, good sleighing.
Julia had a sleigh &
four steeds to carry her to school. She was in high glee, forgetting the penalty of snow balls. I am shut up of course.


Saturday 15.
A mild day, snow vanishing.
I went out to walk, streets wet returned in despair.
Rima & Mr Cornell came to tea, quite late. I had a long
conversation with Cornell on his religious views. He feels
and expresses himself very well; sat an hour in the
basement with me. In poor D’s seat. [referring to Dr. Duval)

Sunday. 16.
Cold, high wind, freezing on all sides.
I went to church, our sermon on the “Anger of God.”
My feet and hands ached with the cold, and my heart
from the effects of the sermon.
Louis walked out to.day, his first exercise
this week. Julia went alone to church, Rima, and
Mr Clarke in our pew.
Mr H. went to Mr Chapins.

Monday 17.
Cold, and clear sky.
Louis at home to.day.
Mrs Swherin, sat two hours with me, she is a kind
hearted woman, & means well. Richard, her son,
affected with spinal disease.

Tuesday. 18. January. 1853. 19 Charlton St.
Clear and cold
I spent the morning in Chelsea.
My first call this year. All complaining.
Henry and Eugene have been in bed.
Mr Swherin, called tonight

From some cause my journal has been neglected, and
the events of this month must be recorded with less
precision than I could wish.
The days are so short, and interruption so numerous,
my plans of self improvement fall to the ground, for
want of quiet time.A country life, would be charming for repose & quiet.

Nothing of importance occurred to ruffle the
even tenor of our family affairs.
An invitation to Julia from Mr Smith
Barker, to attend [Mr Finin’s] fancy ball, gave me some business.
I consulted Mr Anelli, and we chose the dress of
Louis 14 court.
Pink brocade, over white watered silk. Hair powdered.
Dress made by Madame [Didut].