Friday. 4th February. 1853.
A dull rain, not cold.
Julia went to school, and I
finished up all the preparations for the evening.
Slept an hour. felt nervous, and not well. Said nothing.
Julia dressed, and looked smartly; the hair
dresser, came too late, powdered her hair and put in
the flowers.
He dressed my hair, and I made my toilette in haste.
Mr Barker came punctual, his nephew Ike in
the carriage, in costume.
The street was covered with carriages, and the full
to overflowing. The dresses were magnificent, music fine.
No seats to be had, and the air very confined.
Julia danced all the dances, was the fairest in the
room, too pale to look as pretty as usual.
I left at 12, almost sick from fatigue, suffered every
thing from standing too long at this time.
Julia came home at 8 oclock. The Mr Barkers very
polite & attentive. Mrs Woodruff at the ball.