March. 1853. 19 Charlton St.
Fine weather through this month.

A great change in the money market,
money tight and stocks down to a frightfull depth.
Mr H. alarmed, his losses will be very heavy.
We are both anxious for the event of this dark cloud.
G. scarcely sleeps, and grows thin. He is much depressed,
more so than I ever saw him on previous trials.
I must try and cheer him.
*We sold our house to Peter Bruner $6.500,
oil cloths in the bargain. before the pressure in the business
was known.
Regretted our sale, when too late.
To move will be a great trouble and expense. Mr H
was too sanguine, and did not consider the cost. Carpets
alone will be a bill of expense; and every thing look [sic] less
comfortable in a large house, with bare walls. Julia is the
only one who is satisfied, she poor child sees only the bright side.
My eyes have rested on too many dark pictures, not to sym.
pathise with the artist, who would fain colour our lives brightly.



*This same townhouse sold for $8,600,000 in 2011