April 17. 1853. 19 Chalrton St. New York.
Sunday. Easterly rain. pouring in torrents.

We could not venture to church.
Remsen Lawrence and the young folks sat in the basement.
I kept to my room.
Mr H. took a warm bath.
Julia, wrote to her Aunt Margaret, and to Aunt Maria.
We retired to bed early.

Monday. 18. 1853.
Clear, & bright.
I have a cold, and cough
more than usual. Took a cold bath. Walked out for
morning air, felt better.
Gave Remsen Quinine, as it is eight days since his last
chill. Amused him with Back gammon.
Emily Burgoyne called, took a lunch of cake & wine.
She looks very pale & miserable.
A package came for Miss Julia.
She found a note, and beautifull port folio from George Wethey [sic]
A pretty remembrence of the past; Sing Sing friendship.

Mr H. paid Mr Dident bill. A relief to me, it was
enormous. $178.95.
Sent his waggon[sic] to Benjamin. He has now parted with
all his horses; waggons, and equestrian accoutrements.
Louis bears it like a hero.
I walked to nineth St. with Julia, enquired after Mrs Hutton.
She is in her room, not confined. A chat with Mrs T.
Julia went to tea at Mrs Okills, all the first class invited,
she called for Fanny Tileston.
Mr Dwight, called to night, I felt sorry & ashamed
to have Julia from home.
My cough troublesome, eyes filled with tears, so that I felt
unable to entertain him. He left soon.
I must take some toddy to night.
Mr H. went up to Mrs Okills for Julia, had a chat with
her, she awards great praise to Miss J.
Her singing much admired, her variety much in her fa.
I was in bed on their return, and felt mesmerized by
Ann’s rubbing and gin.tody.
Louis & Remsen go early to bed before ten.oclock.