Tuesday. 19 April. 1853.
A lovely day. spring indeed.
Rain in the evening.
We all slept too late for such a
fine morning. My chest sore, but cough not troublesome.
Still I feel only half well.
Took an early walk to Abingdon Square, for air & health.
Cloak & fur [victorine], too much, the sun very warm.
My cold wash on my return.
Ann packed two trunks, under my eye. She is poor
at the business; willing.
Mr Craig, our neighour moveing [sic], they are fortunate to get
their house, we shall have some trouble, as the Mathew’s,
house is unfinished. How I dread this ordeal; now
my cold has arrived! My first step to.day, to pack trunks.
Laid on the bed an hour, slept and dreamt of music.
No calls this morning; thank fortune.
I fear company this evening; Walked before dinner.
Julia went to bid the Miss Loyds adieu, returned
their books. She is pale & complains of fatigue.
No calls to.night.
Mr H. gave Louis a severe reprimand for his poor report.
I am afraid his manner is not the one to impress a
son, particularly a boy of Louis [sic] temperament. He appears
silent, dull, and cold, often passionate, never affectionate, or
willing to make self sacrifices; but may still have pride & will.
He is quick at play, and fond of reading & mechanics.

Wednesday. 20th April. 1853
A mild rain untill night, sun set clear.

I would get up although G. wanted me to lie in
bed. My tongue furred.
Exerted myself after breakfast, and felt very languid; laid
a few moments on the bed.
Mended Louis[‘] green coat, his old friend.
Put our house in order, looking for Bruner
to buy the carpets
A man came to measure every story, this finished the
idea of selling our old stock. Bruner did not come.
I slept an hour, my cold seems better to.day, still
a delicate chest warns me to be carefull.
Hope to be well before the trouble of moveing [sic]; begins.
I should like to board two weeks; and send the boys up
the river. Have no friends house to go to for refuge;
tho we entertain many who feel at home in ours.
Mother has kindly invited me, if her family was small
I would not hesitate to go a week with her.

Louis went over to see Remsen L. and took his book
back. Julia writing a composition on “William Tell.”