March 15, 1852 – “Forgetting Dr. D.”


Monday. 15. March. 1852.
Clear and pleasant.

The showers leave the air delight.
full I mended Remsen’s coat.
Went to the dentists at half past one.
Mr Dunning cleaned my teeth they felt sore.
Mrs Chenery came in to sit a while, but left to give me
time for my appointment.
Wrote an excuse for Remsen in the street, to save him a
Julia went to walk with Fanny. Mr Cornell joined
them, gave us a “smile, and bow.”
Mr H.s beard long, he felt unfit for Broadway.
We stopped at Sherwoods for cotton spools, pins, needles,
and buttons.
Mr Christian, spent the evening with
Julia, she sang for him, and was very lively; the ____
of poor D. was forgotten.
Mr C. invited us to go to Niblo’s, to see “Thillion”.
I did not know how to refuse, and partially accepted.

Mr H. walked out, came home with a beautifull
cross & chain, for Julia, her present.
Two wine glasses of [Cypress] wine for me, che__ts.
Mr Chritian had seen them in England.
He left at 11 oclock.


March 13 and 14, 1851 – “Doctor D.’s friends are headed south to find him, Julia is missing the handsome Dr.”

Saturday 13th. March. 1852.
Clear and very warm

Mr H. took Louis & Remsen to the
tailors, to get pants, and vests. To Swherins to be measured
for shirts. Remsen went to Downings to eat oysters;
his father treated him, much to his delight.
Louis, and he dressed for dancing school, complaining of
the heat. They look pale and wearied.

Our company came to tea. Charlotte, Rima, Fanny Wood,
Maria, Dr Foggo, [Cornell], Eugene old Mrs Wood, George,
Mr H. and the boys.
Fanny T. did not appear.
We had music, and plays, and the time soon
slipped away. They left before twelve.
Ice, and jelly came rather late, from Wellers.

Sunday. 14. March. 1852.
Julia & I did not go to church.
G took the boys.
It was communion sabbath. I ought to have been there.
but could not feel myself prepared.
This day seemed so lonely.
Our tea table so dull, how much we miss
an agreeable object. Beauty is a powerfull charm;
and it is seldom to be met in the male sex.
It will be some time ere we find it again.
Mr Outlaw & Toliaferro, left for the south
They will try and find their friend. D. I should
like to witness the meeting.

March 12, 1862 – “The feeble Lawrence’s and new accusations against the Dr.”

Friday. 12th March. 1852.
Clear, and pleasant; Warm as May.
The routine of life goes on, and
its troubles soon fade from the mind.
I went to see mother
met Mrs Anelli, in a stage, we rode up fourteenth St.
together. The heat oppressive.
Sat two hours in Chelsea, met Sterry [Julia’s brother]; who has been con
fined two months to his house. He looks thin, old, and
feeble, had lost his front teeth, and acts odd, as usual.
Henry too, is miserable, and thin, so delicate that he
is like a woman. Poor mother has sad sights before
her eyes daily, such frail children; never in health;
She is really to be _____ed.
Catharine, has the influenza. the past three weeks.
I left a card at Mrs Browns.

Julia came from school pale, new developments,
a new disgrace on the departed. Mr O. his friend, now
becomes his enemy; and brings sad accusations
Time will discover the truth.

Thank you to my readers who sent in comments and a big thank you to Charlotte who discovered the cause of death for poor Dr. D.’s untimely death in the Civil War.

Big thank you to Charlotte who discovered the notice of the untimely death of the charming Dr. Duvall.

Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), October 23, 1862







Also, here is the Guardianship Bond for Duvall’s children,

March 11, 2018 – Okay, now its your turn!

Now that you have read all of the episodes (well most) concerning young Julia’s first love affair, what do you think happened? I am really curious to read your thoughts. I have my own ideas, but as you know, we can’t ask Julia. Young Julia did keep a Diary around this time, – if I get enough comments from all of you, I will try to post parts of it.