Cast of characters

Garret Decker Hasbrouck

Garret Decker Hasbrouck (1810-1888) -Julia’s Husband was born in Stone Ridge, New York. Garret is often referred to as G.D.H. or Mr. Hasbrouck.

Children of Julia and Garret
Louis Hasbrouck (1837-1859), sometimes referred to as “Bub”
Julia Hasbrouck (1838-1914), often referred to as Julie or “Sis”
Remsen Hasbrouck (1839-1864)

Parents of Julia Lawrence Hasbrouck
Catharine Remsen Lawrence (1786-1867)
Samuel Adams Lawrence (1774-1851)

Louis. Remsen and Julia Hasbrouck

Siblings of Julia Lawrence Hasbrouck
Dr. Samuel Sterry Lawrence (1804-?), married to Christiana Knell (1810-1854)
Catharine Lawrence (1805-1875)
John Remsen Lawrence (1806-1807)
Ferdinand Lawrence (1807-1893), married in 1835 to Isabella Eliza Burgoyne (?-1895), Isabella is referred to as “Bell”.
Henry Lawrence (1810-?)
Horace Lawrence (1814-1851), married in 1839 to Laura Kelly
Charles David Lawrence (1817-1852), often referred to as David or “Doe”
Maria Lawrence (1821-1903)
Eugene Lawrence (1824-?)
Siblings of Garret D. Hasbrouck
Cornelius Hasbrouck (1802-1865), married to Jane Freer (1818-1872)
Maria Hasbrouck(1804-1869)

Maria L. Hasbrouck

Dr. Jacob Hasbrouck (1807-1891), married to Helen Maria Wickes (1825-?)
Benjamin L. Hasbrouck (1813-1885), married in 1839 to Margaret Rymph (1812-1880)

4 thoughts on “Cast of characters”

  1. Susie LeFevre Hook said:

    Hi Susan: What an interesting idea to post these entries on comparable days. I remember seeing the Archives Alive video with you reading someone’s diary–have forgotten whose. Looking at the portraits above and the death dates of Louis and Remsen, I get this sinking feeling as this mother writes happily about her family, not knowing that two of the children will die in their early twenties. I guess it was common enough in those days, and indeed her brothers and sisters include several who died fairly young. Susie

    • Susan Stessin said:

      Susie, I have been transcribing Julia’s diaries for more than eleven years now. I’m impressed that you remembered the Archives Alive video, and yes, I was reading from her diary. I hope to post a section of that video in the near future.

      It is difficult at times to transcribe, since I can foresee Julia’s future. You are correct in that Julia will suffer great losses. She documents both of her sons last months, even their last words. It is so moving. I cried the entire time I was transcribing. You, too, have read about great losses in the 19th century letters of your family, especially Johannes and Peter Lefevre’s untimely deaths.

  2. Hi Susan, Did Remson Hasbrouck enlist or serve in the Civil War before he became ill? Thanks!

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