April. 1853. 19 Charlton St. New York.
A month of smiles, and tears. sunshine & showers.

On the 1st Julia’s birth.day. She is now
17 years of age. Strangers call her beautifull; I think
her pretty, gracefull, and intelligent, a good musician,
and well gifted in intellectual adornments.
Her mouth is beautifull, and her teeth in good order.
She is not vain, but very particular about dress; has
good taste, and a very genteel carriage & air.
I presented her a pair gloves & de laine dress.
A bottle of perfume from grandmother.
A magnificent boquet [sic] of flowers from Mr Christian
and a note admirably composed.
This pleased her much.
He came in the evening, Mr Dwight,
Fannie. They parted in some little pique.
Fannie staid all night.
I sent a cake to mother. Henry
sick the past two weeks. Colds prevalent in 19 St.
all their family complaining.
A visit from mother, two of them in this month.
Henry spent the morning of his birth.day. 43.
He was quite lively, lunched on pie & pudding.
Cornelia Lawrence, spent the day with me.
We went to two tea.parties, given for her; one at
mothers, and one at Miss Baileys, in this month.
The bride Mrs Joe Bailey present; plain but good.
Mr H. will come for me, he improves; is more
sociable than in former times.
His spirits are not buoyant, as in auld lang syne.
The horses sold, and two waggons [sic] to Mr Pray.
The [rockonay] to Benjamin.