October 3, 4, 5, and 6, 1843 – “Bride and groom back to Marbletown and life back to normal”



pg 007 copy copyTuesday.3.d. October. 1843.

Changeing sky. A hale storm down town, not up. Helen. Dr H. and self. rode up to Chelsea, walked around, and were blown home, that is to mothers. Miss Moore came in, Sat in the basement all the evening The bride seemed ennuid.[ennue – bored] [sic] I walked out with G. The moon was shineing brightly.

Wendesday.4.th. October. 1843.

Cool, and blustering day. I felt quite unwell, could not go out with Helen. She went with the Dr. At four oclock they returned to Marble town. I was miserable; put my feet in hot water took a brandy sling, and went early to bed. G not very well, did not dine at home. Remmy complaining also. “Ma cousine” how charming.

Thursday.5.th.October. 1843.

A fine day, moderate and still. I feel much better, rested well on my feather bed, put it on yesterday for the first. Commenced cleaning house. Henry and M. sat an hour. G. did not dine home.

Friday.6.th. October. 1843.

A lovely spring day, too mild for a fire. Both girls cleaning house. Mr Fisher called in. I walked out with Remmy. Bought him boots 1$ gloves 25 cts. Dined on oysters. Had a chat with Mrs Newby on the marriage of Emily.

October 1 and 2, 1843 – “Bride and groom are ill”


pg 006Sunday.1.st. of October. 1843.

A dull, heavy rain, dull enough!!

The bride sick with influenza, the groom complaining, G. rather unwell. All went to bed at seven oclock I was not on the list.

Monday. 2 nd. October. 1843.

The storm over, a charming day. We all arose in better spirits under the bright rays of the morning sun. Maria and Henry came in M. remained all day and night. Eugene came in also. Ferdinand, and Bell, called in the evening to see Helen. We went to see MCready [sic] in Macbeth The theater was crowded, I was pleased with him, but very displeased with other.

September 28, 29 and 30, 1843 – “The Wedding and home again”!



pg 005Thursday. 28. th. September. 1843.

A fine, clear cool day. We all arose early. I had passed a restless night haveing nervous chills running over me; almost gave up going; but G. would not let me off. We had an agreable sail up the river, the cabin was warm, and I did not feel any inconvenience. Dr Wicks, and Maria, met us at Rhinebeck. We all rode up to Cairo, and only felt a little chilled by the air, which was damp. Arrived at Cairo at five oclock went to the Public house altho! Dr W. wished us to go to his fathers next door. The groom, that was to be, met us at the door, pale and agitated, seeking in a cigar the comfort he needed on this trying occasion.

We remained but two hours, the bride looked pretty, the groom well, the cake was fine, and the ceremony legally performed. Louis, and Julie, were much delighted with all they saw, and conducted themselves very well. Julie looked sweet, in her white dress.

pg 006Friday.29.th. September. 1843.

Clear, and Bracing atmosphere. We all rode to the landing Catskill, and were obliged to wait some time for the Boat. The little Bride behaved remarkably well, and quite raised herself in somebody’s opinion. Dr W. and Maria, bade us adieu at Rhinebeck. We all arrived safely at home at seven, and happy, too happy was I.

Saturday.30.th. September. 1843.

Lovely day, mild and balmy air. The bride, and groom promenaded. I went up to see mother, who was sick with a bad cold. Met Mrs Dr Smith; and children.

September 27, 1843- Shopping, packing and getting ready for the wedding”

pg 005Wednesday. 27. th. September. 1843.

A fine sun. shine, but cold as winter. I set out after breakfast to make some purchases. shoes, gloves, ribbon, mitts, and cape for self, 5$. the latter. Returned home tired out. Took the children again after dinner to find shoes to suit me. We came home quite cold, and glad to get to the fire. Packed our trunks, and went early to.bed, to be ready for an early start in the morning.

September 23, 24, 25, and 26, 1843 – “A little bit of this and that”

pg 004Saturday. 23. September. 1843.

Very pleasant. C. took Aunt Jenkins home. I went to call on Mrs. Hale, “not at home”. Ordered a white dress made for Julie. Purchased blue ribbon to tie her hair. Called to pay Mr. Parmly, not at home. Bought a blue Turquoise ring for Sis and “poor boxes for the boys.

Sunday. 24. th. September. 1843.

A hot August day. Went to Mr. Fishers, sat in the basement G went to hear M. Bellows, in the evening.

Monday. 25. th. September. 1843.

Extremely warm to. day. I sent Mrs. Okill’s bill up, amount 13.$.62cts. Took Julie to try her dress. Mr H. dined at home. Mrs. Buton sent me some fine grapes from her vine. Heavy showers in the evening.

Tuesday. 26. th. September. 1843.

Raining, and quite cool again. The weather prevented my going out to make some nessecerry [sic] purchases for the wedding. We have concluded after a dozen discussions to take the children, and set off on Thursday morning.


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