May 25 and 26, 1843 – “Helen takes a music lesson and Louis is deceitful”


173_Page 171Thursday. 25. th. May. 1843.
A delightful day, just warm enough
for “comfort.

I took Julie, to Mr Anelli’s. She did not
sit very well; was restless and anxious to get to school.They rode up with Bridget.
My time was much occupied all the morning sewing.
Helen, went to her music lesson alone took Louis with her. I went up to see Catherine Shanly, she as not at home. Isabella, and Ferdinand took tea with us. I could not get tea early.

Friday. 26. th. May. 1843.
Damp, overcast sky. Rain threatening.
I could scarcely open my eyes this morning
sleep was so sweet.  Mr H. took Remsen to Mr Anelli’s. I called for him, sat half an hour with Mrs Anelli. Henry, sat the morning with us, was very agreeable.


I had a serious conversation with Bridget, she often requires correction in her duties, not performing them punctually; and dislikes to be spoken too [sic] on the subject.

__________ 5$ from Mr H.
Sent an apology to Mrs Anelli, I had engaged to meet
her at the “menagerie“, with all the children. The damp
weather, prevented our going.
We spent our evening at home alone.
I discovered that Louis had deceived me about the apple it gave
me a great shock. I must correct this dreadfull fault.
Garret, came home late, went to bed early, Ate his supper.
I was so much interested in Home, as to be unable to
put the book aside. It speaks to the heart of a mother.

May 23 and 24, 1843 – “Louis sits for Mr. Anelli and more shopping”


172_Page 170Tuesday. 23. d May. 1843.
A beautiful cool day. Rain has fallen in
the night, cooling the air and settling the dust.
We all jumped up fresh this morning.
Louis went to Mr Anelli’s, with his father to sit an
hour. Bridge, and Julie, called for him and rode up to school.
Simon, washed my windows.
My father called; H. calls him an agreable man.
A friend spent to morning with Miss W. My parlours
are not my own at present. I do not like the present state of affairs; – they will probably please me less as the heat becomes greater. Bought a purse this morning 2 shill. 6 d. Box. 1.shill.
I went with Miss W. to call on Mr Metz; he apologized  for not comeing, was sick, and intended playing at a concert. H. is almost discouraged, her lessons are so long comeing.


Wednesday. 24. th. May. 1843.

A fine day, quite cool.
The parlour windows washed
I went out to look for Julie’s basket, and Louis bag.
The wind blew, and I returned home.
Met Sarah Baily, she told me of Mary L.’s sickness at
Geneva. Julie, Helen, and I went to the store after
dinner. We rode down. Mr H. gave me one piece of satin
stripped muslin white for a dress. Helen took a dress
cuff band. Bought Julie a basket and doll 50.cts. 6.d.
A carpet bag for Louis 1.$ We were very much fatigued
when we arrived home.
Mr and Mrs Newby spent an hour with me.
Mr H. came home late. Dined at a refectory(1).

(1)A refectory is a dining room, especially in monasteries, boarding schools, and academic institutions.

May 21 and 22, 1843 – “Louis is injured and Helen is homesick”


171_Page 169Sunday. 21. st. May. 1843.
Cool, and pleasant.
Mr H. did not arise this morning his strength was completely prostrated.  I went with Miss Wicks to St John’s Church. Dr Wainright, reads beautifully, and gave us a good discourse on “controlling the thoughts of our hearts.
The sexton informed me there were no pews to rent in the Church. Julie, went with H. in the afternoon.
I went to bed, and slept two hours from weakness. Mr H. walked out with the boys. Louis met with an accident, pulling a heavy ladder on his leg bruising it very much. Fortunately it did not break his bones.


Monday. 22. nd. May. 1843.
The sky full of clouds, threatening rain.
Rain is much needed in the country
and the dust blew in a shower this morning
through our streets.
Had the third story swept and had the windows washed
Did not send Louis to school.
Mr H. came home at twelve o’clock and went to bed, he
was overcome by fatigue, haveing worked very hard last week.
After dinner, I took the children down to the store
to get new straw hats.
Was in the new store for the first time, think it dull, and
dark. Selected three, I mean five hats to divide among
the children. We all walked home, and had a fatiguing
journey, Mr H. came with us. Purchased a tin basin, or
pan on our route home.
Miss W, homesick Mr Metz did not come to give her
a lesson. Almost four dollars from G.

May 20, 1843 – “Writing up the journal”


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170_Page 168Saturday. 20. th. May. 1843.
Cool, but bright and clear sky.
Mr H. took Remsen to Mr Anneli’s this morning.
I made peach pies.
The children have holiday to. day.
Miss W has a bad cold; and looks miserable.
I have devoted this day to writeing up my journal which I have been obliged to neglect the past two weeks. Time flies swiftly, and we are too apt to leave undone, those things which we ought to have done.
A slight cold threatens me; I hope it will pass over Mr H. brought me two books to.night. “Daughters of England” and “Family cares, and joys”  I commenced the later; I think it original, and beautiful in style.

May 17, 18 and 19, 1843 – “The children begin school and checking on the portraits”


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168_Page 166Wednesday. 17. tenth. 1843. may.

A clouded morning, occasional showers.

no school Eugene came in, staid to dinner, I left him to amuse the young ladies.
After dinner went with Mrs W. to purchase her muslin dresses.
Paid Millers Bill; 5$.
Middleton’s bill, 3. $.
A great change in the weather, much cooler. Julia commences her school.

Thursday. 18. May. 1843.

Cool, and overcast.
I went up to Mrs Okills and took Juilie, to place her
at school. She was very willing to go; but cried after I left.
Mrs O relinquished Miss W.[Helen]  in the most ladylike manner.
Julie, came home with a medal much pleased.
Went after dinner to the “Academy of designs“(1) saw some pretty
landscapes, but was too much fatigued to examine all.
Stopped in at Mr Annelis, he had changed Julies position
I liked it much better. Helen was fatigued and looked
very pale. We called a second time on Mr Metz, and
engaged him to give lessons to H.
I returned home really worn out with my exertions.
Mr Metz, recognized me and enquired if H [Helen] was my daughter
very gratifying certainly to my vanity.


Friday. 19. May 1843. Louis first day at school.
Still cool, and overcast. Fires necessary again.
I set out with Julie, and Louis for Mr Annelis. They behaved
tolerably well. From there went to Mrs O. Kill, rode up.
went in to see her boys school, I think it too small.
Louis, took his seat like a little man and did not cry
when I left him. He is handsome with bright eyes.
Mrs O. invited me to witness her examination of the little…

170_Page 168scholars in French; their pronunciation and aptness, were surpriseing.
Julie, cried and behaved shamefully when I arose to leave, but I made her stay.
They both returned home in good humour, with books and medals.
I went with Miss W [Helen] to take her lesson with Mr Metz.
Engaged him to come to the house nearly to oblige her. Stopped at Luther’s for two pails and butter.
Mr H. has been so much engaged so as not to be able to dine, or take tea with us; and comes home late tired to the last degree.


(1) – The National Academy Museum and School, founded in New York City as the National Academy of Design – known simply as the “National Academy” – is an honorary association of American artists founded in 1825 by Samuel F. B. Morse, Asher B. Durand, Thomas Cole, Martin E. Thompson, and others “to promote the fine arts in America through instruction and exhibition.”
– Wikipedia



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