June 21, 22, 23, 1851 – Oppressive heat and Maria sails for the Ridge!”


Saturday. June. 21st 1851.

Very sultry and oppressive.
I did not wish to stir
from my chair to.day. Maria, talked of Staten Island,
but gave up the idea.
Julia took a bath, and copied her Composition.
I walked with Cate, and Mr H. to Canal St, bought two
little baskets for Rhetty & Isabell. A monkey for Cate.
Came home tired.
Julia & Maria went to Mrs [Jaffreys]; she is in the country.
Mr Berger; and wife, two daughters passed the evening
with us. The day is too warm for comfort.

Sunday. 22nd June. 1851.
Extremely close.
I did not go to Church
untill evening. Maria, took the children. G. kept at
home, without cause, as heat does not affect him.
We heard Mr Bellows in the evening.

Monday. 23rd June. 1851.
A friend spoke so kindly.

Heat and showers
Catharine paid us a short
visit; her parents better. Maria, left for the Ridge after
dinner, we all went to the Boat with her. Remsen teased
Cate to the last moment.
Theodore Berger, came in to bid her farewell.
Julia took a long ride with her father.

June 18, 19 and 20, 1851 – “San Francisco Fire!”


Tuesday. 17 June. 1851.

Clear, cool and bright.
An unfinished impression. We have autumn weather,
a fire in the basement is delightfull.
I felt dull, my bones ached, and my desire to sleep was
intense. G. dressed before me, and seems more like himself.
I took Cate to walk after my toilette was made; it is
too cool for shower baths.
We went to Bulpins, I bought a mantilla $1.50
Looked for other goods. Our walk home charming.
My bonnet too thin for the weather; keep on the blue.

Wednesday. 18th June. 1851.
$2 from G. A clear, cool day:
I bought some trimming
for Julia’s[ barrege], took it to Mrs B. went to mothers.
Pa seems better, but looks like a shadow. Henry is much
improved. Had been to walk for air.
San Francisco again in ruins, a fire has laid low all its fair
seems of wealth and business. [According to records, i think the fire took place on June 22 or it was in May]

Thursday. 19th June. 1851.
Well done for me “Bear and forbear”. A fine day, becoming sultry.
Maria went with me to “Stewarts”. I purchased
a plaid blue summer silk $10.50 cts. Silk gloves 5 shilling.
On our return found a note of invitation from Mrs Priestly,
wishing all the family to pass the evening with her.
Mrs Mary Smith called in our absence. Left a book for Julia.
Garret went to ride with Louis, left an apology for D.
Maria, had a headache declined going also.
I dressed, and went with Julia at 8 oclock. Was cordially

June 15 and 16, 1851 – “Garret incensed at sermon and doing young Julia’s homework, again”

Sunday. 15 June. 1851.

Cool, pleasant day.
We all went to Church. Maria and
Cate, both unfit as they coughed very much.
Mr H. gave a begging Sermon for the mission abroad. Garret
was much incensed; declaring he would not go again to the
Church. Where is the Christian Spirit, he recommends to
others, at the Ridge, and so forth. “God loves a cheerful giver”.
I went with M. after dinner, Louis and Remsen also.
Cate, and Julia went to “St Peters” with “Aunt Cate”.
The invalids better. Mother had been in the morning.
I wrote a Composition for Julia, on the “Worlds Fair”. It
is her last, and should have been genuine. But time
seemed to demand my effort. The production was not
very good.
G went to hear Mr Bellows. Mr Osgood preached.

Monday. 16 June. 1851.
Cold and blustering.
Clouds and frost in
both my horizons; the sunshine of good humour has
flown. I must try and dispel the clouds.

Maria H. gave Cate pills for her cough, very foolishly.
We rode up to call on Mrs Priestly and Miss Offly. They were
out, at the celebration of “Trinity Church”.
We sat an hour with Mrs Leggett, she seems feeble. Debby.
Ann, surprised us by her presence.
Returned home. I slept an hour before dinner. too sound.
Had fire built in the basement room.
Garret rode out with Remsen; he is as chilling as the weather.
Maria laughs at him, for his want of courtesy, to the fair,
She went to Mrs Bloodgoods with Julia; then to Chelsea.
I took Cate with me to see Mrs Berger. Bought her a ring. very
pretty for $1.50. She must prize the motive “faith hope & charity”.

June 14, 1851 – “Young Julia gets a mantilla”

Saturday. 14 June. 1851.
A fine day.
I went out early with
Julia, bought her a mantilla of green silk. $8.
Barrege and gingham. The air was cool & charming.
Josephine Little, passed the day; with us.
Cate, and Julia walked to the Boat with her or part of the way.
Rima, called in her absence.
Maria H. and I rode to Chelsea, not yesterday.

June 13, 1851 – “Pa in pain, Christy’s Minstrels and a distrait Garret”



Friday. 13 June. 1851.
A cool day.
We went to see mother after
dinner found Maria had gone to “Monmouth”.
Pa very much depressed; and suffering great pain.
Poor mother, suffers with him; she is harassed night and day.
Maria took the children to Christy’s minstrels.
G. did not come home untill near nine oclock, I was
anxious about him. He is [“distrait”], why and wherefore unknown to me.