December 4, 1850 – “Garret is so generous!”

Wednesday. 4th December. 1850

An easterly storm of rain, quite mild.
We were obliged to keep the house
and finish off our numerous pieces of work.
Maria sews too steadily; for her health.
My kind husband, brought me a beautifull watch
in exchange for the one I had; he is too generous; and
lavish of his favours. Let me endeavour to deserve them,
or rather make the small return, my powers give me.
They are indeed small.
We walked out after tea. The boys study well this week.


December 3, 1850 – “A chance to get things done”

0104jTuesday. 3rd December. 1850. .
Mild storm of rain.
I do not regret this rain, it
gives me a chance to get through my affairs.
My work draw is still full, altho my domestics and help
mates are numerous. Maria, takes her share, while Nanny Quin
does what she can, still the cutting & furnishing desolves [sic] on me.
Maria received a letter from Kate Hasbrouck this morning, her
first attempt.
I have persuaded Louis & Remsen to sleep together; they agree
very well thus far.

December 2, 1850 – “Difficult to suit the tastes of all”

Monday. 2nd December. 1850.
Chilly, damp air.
I took my bath. Went to
Mrs Bloodgoods with Julia’s silk dress. Walked home.
purchased two collars at Phipps. 2 shill Maria L. stopped
in. Garret took Julia to shop. She bought a yoke clock
27 $. very handsome.
Mr Willard & wife called to see me, they look old;
but in despite of afflictions, seem gay & resigned.
Sis does not seem satisfied with her
cloak, thinks it too dark a shade. Her dress is also
too dull. How difficult to suit, the tastes of all.

December 1, 1850 – Julia is back with good health!

December. 1st 1850. New York. 19 Charlton St.

Winter comes in like a lamb; so mild & bright.
My health has improved the last week;
the cold baths improve my system.
We all went up to Church, Mr Hutton
was interesting on the Christian hope. How serious the
reflections arising from this subject, do we delude ourselves
or here in the good hope.
Dr Woodbridge, in the afternoon was tedious, preaching till dusk.
Mr Hymes, sat in our pew.
Louis & Remsen dined with their grandmother, went
to Church with their Aunts.
Garret went to Mr Bellows in the evening.


November 1850 –

0100November. 1850.
Lovely Indian Summer.
Charming to promenade. Prepare for the
approaching cold, adding to our wardrobes, the comfortable
things of this life.
Our friends from the country visited us, Dr Hasbrouck
his wife, Maria & Miss E. Cantine. We went twice to
hear Jenny Lind sing; she is truly charming. The second
time I went my seat was so near that every tone & look from
her eye or voice fell upon my soul, there ever to remain.
Garret gave me a superb “Opera glass,” worth 40 $.
Mrs Beane, & Mrs Dr Smith, called to see me, we recalled old times.