May 21, 22 and 23, 1851 – “Louis is 14 and Julia feeling slothful”

Wednesday. 21st May.  1851.

A fine day
I employed myself about the house
to day. Rode with G. after dinner to the Abbey, my first
ride this season. Was little fatigued, but very cool and ner.
vous, this will soon wear off by riding often.
The pain in my limbs, continued to diminish.
Louis came from school sick, remained at home, to play.


Thursday 22nd May. 1851.
Warm pleasant day.

Loui’s, he is now fourteen, tall, well
proportioned, good. looking, and more polished than he has been.
I hope he will improve more in the next year, as there
is great room, his capabilities seem good, but his application,
and self governments are defective.
Julia rode to “nineteenth St”, with me after
dinner. Henry & father better. Met Mrs Willard, and Platt.

Friday 23rd May. 1851.
Charming day.
“Mon Ami”  more amiable to day. I kept the house today, felt
weak from the least exertion; or perhaps slothfull.
Good humour is infectious, and welcome to me in G.
He is capricious, and could not be satisfied with a Saint
unless willing to give up all that was Saintly.

May 18, 19 and 20, 1851 – “Garret needs to control his diet”


Sunday 18. May. 1851.

A warm rain; falling gently
We are all at home, the
rain keeps us from Church.
Garret complains of a heavy feeling in his stomach.
He ate too much Lobster, and too much seasoning yesterday,
I knew he would be sick Now comes the strict
diet, and refrain from excitements. from compulsion, not

Monday. 19 May. 1851.
Very sultry
Mr H. purchased
some ornaments for the Etigher. Marble vases, and
Went in the waggon [sic] to bring them home from the
auction room. In the evening bought china figures,
and white ornaments. Does not feel well; he
still feels the load on his stomach.

Tuesday. 20th May. 1851.
A fine day.
I busied myself washing the ornaments
and arranging them. Mr H. bought a fresh supply to.
day. Some beautifull pictures; female faces painted on
Mr Teft and Jane passed the evening with Julia.

May 17, 1851 – “Irritable Garret and a monkey through the wondow”


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Saturday. 17. May. /1851.
Warm, with showers before noon.
I felt quite well this morning
but ran up and down stairs, untill my strength was lost.
Julia dressed and went up to see Mrs Swherin, the rain com.
pelled her to stay untill dinner time with her, they had a
snug little dinner. She then went to her Grandmother’s;
Mr Ross had left them for home. The invalids the same.
I went to Hudson St. with M. She made some
purchases, we were caught in the rain, and staid an hour
at Mrs Stephen’s, she lent me some shoes & a shawl; to get home.
Our dinner was fine, but the guests did not eat much.
G. was so irritable and overbearing, I was ashamed of him;
he often gets these turns, before strangers. Lobster, & brandy
are not cooling to the nerves; and he partakes largely.
My pies, puddings, and pine.apples, were almost untouched.
A monkey amused them by coming in the window
to pick up pennies.
At four we all got in the carriage and went to the boat.
met Mr Abeal. Left them; Johnny in tears, he could not
say good bye to any one. poor child; he wanted to stay.
Louis, & G. went to ride.
Julia wrote to Susan, I went to the Parade ground, came
home tired & heated by the exertion. Laid on my bed, untill
tea time.
Had our front door varnished, and window mended on the
back stoop.
Ann sick, to night.
I laid awake until after twelve oclock. troubled by
a silent sorrow of the mind.

May 16, 1851- ” Garret’s restless sleep and Remsen buys a dog”



Friday. 16. May. 1851.
Lovely day.
I went to shop with M. did
not feel well, had been very wakefull, and nervous thru the
night. Garret, disturbs me [;] he is too restless, and jumps
about the bed, startling me from my slumbers.
But I must exert myself.
M. rode around the city with Garret. M. B. & Julia went
to Fanny Linds Concert in the evening. We dressed up M.
and made her look quite handsome.
John and the boys, went to the “Fellons minstrels
I sat alone in the basement room; G. walked out.
Ann rubbed my limbs with whiskey. They ached slightly.
Julia went in to see Mrs Chenery, Took Susan’s letter to read to her. A very pretty affectionate letter for Sue.
A gardener commenced our flower bed, left at 12.
Remsen bought a dog, did not go to school.

May 15, 1851 – “The appearance of Sterry and family from the Ridge”


Thursday. 15. May. 1851.
A fine day. Neither too warm or too cool.
I put all the bed rooms in order,
and went out to walk. Mr H. invited me to ride, but a pain
in my bones kept me at home, I persuaded him to call
for pa, but he was not well enough to see him, having taken
morphine, to lull him to sleep. G. returned, and walked down
Broadway with me, we stopped in to look at Mantilla’s. I could
not see anything to suit my taste. Returned home very
tired from weakness, took a stage before getting home.
Undressed and went to bed. just as I fell into a dose, the
bell rang and Mr [Boss] with C and Maria came in to call.
I jumped up, dressed in haste and went down to receive them.
Mr B is good looking, pleasant and gentlemanly, he is a friend
of Eugenes, at Savannah, a prespeterian [sic] clergyman there.
Our hour would have passed off pleasantly, but the entrance
of the Dr and wife gave an interruption to our merriment.
They were as usual, Anna quite fleshy, and animated; but
Sterry [Julia’s brother, see genealogy section] much emaciated looking alarmingly thin and pale.
He has been ill for some time this winter, and his symptoms
similar to Henrys. A raising of some fluid. no doubt
from the lungs. I am so thankfull he has a wife to take
care of him. His boys are both stout and hearty. This visit
made me feel melancholy, as another invalid is added
to the long list in the family.
I tried to sleep a few moments before dinner after they
all left me, but my mind was brooding and sad.
The collation of cake, wine & lemonade was a great treat
to my guests.
Our dinner was late and ere we finished [.] a carriage drove
up, with Margaret, Benjamin and John [Garret’s family from Stone Ridge]. They came in the day. boat, all looking very fat, & well M in particular.
Time passed on slowly until tea time. B. went to ride
with G. I entertained Margaret.
She gave me the news of the Ridge.