April 8-30, 1850 – “Julia has been ill and Garret moves his office” (No new posts until May 1)

0060Monday. 8th April. /1850.
Mild day of showers, and sunshine.
I rode to see Catharine, who has been sick with
a cold, Maria too has the face ache, both look miserably.
Mother is well & Pa very [savant].
Miss [Haseril] called in to see them, she is pretty in her man.
ners, and good looking.
I rode down in a sprinkle, but did not get wet.
Spent six shillings for dinner and stage fare; hour hound [sic] candy 6d.
Must do my shopping, ere my money slips away.

On the 10th I was taken with the Influenza, and have
gone through a regular siege, my head & lungs affected.
Kept my room a week, then walked out, and took a fresh
cold in my bones.
Julia, went to a party at the Miss Babcocks, was much
She has purchased a silk from Becks, two school dresses
from Sherwoods. A pink crepe bonnet.
Her compositions, her studies, and music progress.
I am unable to promenade often with her, as my
strength is so precarious. This month is finished
and I have passed most of it in my own rooms.
I am thankfull G is domestic, as my life would
be sad enough were he to desert me. It is my aim
to keep up, and appear gay, when my body aches the
most. A complaining wife is a sad partner in business.
G. presented me “Cosmos”, my time is so much
employed in mending, that I have not read it
Mr H moved his Office on the 28th of this month.
Lamed his back, nailing his Carpet. Looks pale & thin.
Brought his iron safe up here, it is much in my way.

April 7, 1850 – “Remmy’s birthday!”

0059Sunday. 7th. April. 1850. 19 Charlton St. N.Y.
Clear bright day, the Snow vanishing quickly
Remsen’s eleventh birth.day.
I wish him to reflect now on his future career, he is rather
thoughtless, and far too boisterous. He loves to read, and is
tender & affectionate in his feelings, with proper care he might
be made an intellectual, interesting Man. I like his eye,
it is clear, and bright, giveing [sic] expression to his face. [These]
features are not regular, but the contour of his head and face,
please every one; a “Sweet boy” can be applied to him the little
he often gets.
Julia went with her brothers to Church. Garret, had
a cold & I was not able to sit so long quiet.
The day proved lovely, after dinner I went up alone.
Julia sat at home to study, The boys went to the Battery
with their father.
Mr Hutton, was not animated, his text beautifull.
Is there no balm in Gilead, no physician there ! I felt
warm, and my heart fluttered, this kept me in fear of
being obliged to leave the Church.
Mr H. went to hear Mr Bellows in the evening.
I sat with the children. Gave them some advice.
Mr H. presented Remsen with 4 shillings for his birth.day.


April 4, 5, and 6, 1850 – “Writing, baking and a snow storm!”

0058Thursday. 4th April. 50.
Heavy showers of rain. Clear at intervals.
I wrote to Louise D’Lagnel, my back ached.
Walked with G. after dinner. Sent Ann to Chelsea, found C.s
cold improveing [sic]. Mr H. has a hoarseness, coughs & raises very much.
I assisted Margaret in cutting Crullers this morning.
The boys returned early from school; Mr P. sick.
Passed my evening hearing Julia her [Blair ?], and listening to her Music. Assisted Remsen in his composition.

Wednesday Friday. 5th /50.

Mon Ami presents me a book

Damp, dull sky, rain in the air.
I felt inclined for sleep this morning.
G. arose first. We took our quiet break fast, then all our
family dispersed to their several vocations. G. and J. had
a conversation on babies. I sent my letter to Louise.
Wished to go up to see Catharine but do not feel strong enough.or [assumed] that it will not rain.
Mr Fullgraff came to give his lesson.
Mr H. went to collect his rents from Chelsea.
Mrs Kembell reads to night. “Measure for Measure”. The evening is very inclement.

Saturday. 6th April. 1850.
A deep Snow
What a surprise, the ground white with
Snow, deep, and heavy. But it will soon clear away, as the sun.shines forth. Julia passed her morning at the desk. Commen.ced a composition on the pleasures of memory; she strives to excel, but must come to me for assistance.
I sent her to pass the evening with Rima Carpenter. Mr Cornell escorted her home. She found Mrs Smith, not so well.


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