April 26, 27 and 28th, 1843 – “Smiles and tears, sunshine and rain”



159_Page 157j.pgWednesday. 26.th. April. 1843.

“Smiles, and tears,” Sunshine, and Rain.
I awake at 6.oclock these fine mornings. Trimmed my pea green bonnet over this morning, intending to go out the rain keeps me home. Must do up all my odds, and ends to.day. My sewing sadly behind hand. The increase of my family keeps me constantly agitated. I dislike confusion or noise. Expect to have enough of it the next three months. Emptied my closet, and put all my bed.linen in order. Put all my draws in order also, a tedious mornings work; but happily over with.
Thursday. 27. th. April. 1843.

A fine bright day, quite warm. Mr H. arose very early this morning, it was so very lovely. I went out with Julie, to purchase her a dress, we stopped in at Stewerts, found nothing to suit. Felt the heat on our return home, sun oppressive. G. presented me Mrs Ellis new work, the “wives of England.”


Friday. 28.th April. 1843.

A beautifull clear summers day, the buds all putting out, their foliage, and leaves Sarah_Stickney_Ellisjumping into existence. I took a long walk after breakfast to Park.Place, in pursuit of a bonnet, find them too much trimmed, or too slight for my
taste. Shopped on my return home. The heat overcame me very much indeed. Read Mrs Ellis “Wives of England.”  Her advice comes too late I am afraid for me; ten years ago it might have altered my affairs, now all is over. Mr H. did not dine at home to.day; he returned to a late supper of oysters. I joined him in his repose.

April 23, 24 and 25th, 1843 – “Catharine with rheumatism and Mrs. Anelli will move”


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158_Page 156Sunday. 23. d of April. 1843.

Showers all the day, mild and spring like atmosphere. Mr H. had a bad cold, and took remedies, did not venture out. I was also prevented from going to Church, and remained at home with the children. Our Servants all out to.day. I put the little ones, to bed, they are no trouble.
Monday. 24.th April. 1843.

A warm, clear day. Showers at noon. I went out early with Julie, put on my cloak, and velvet bonnet, was uncomfortably warm. We looked at some elegant Cardinals at Stewerts; and silks for dresses. Had a tiresome walk home. Marie, spent the day with us. I walked part of the way home with her. Cath. sick with cold, and rheumatism. Bought oysters for dinner.

Tuesday 25th April 1843.

A lovely, cool day. Julie, went with me to see Mrs Anelli, she was all in confusion preparing to move on Thursday. Mr A. showed me the picture, I have long wished to possess, and I am more delighted than ever, with the subject. I prefer it to any thing he has in his rooms. The Madonna is beautifull, and the infant Jesus lovely. Eugene, spent the day with us. Isabella, sat two hours entertaining me, she has moved, and likes her new lodgings. I purchased a pair of shoes at Millers. 9. shillings. Sent our sofa cushion to get restuffed, and made new.

April 22, 1843 – “A sweet day, although Julie falls in the gutter”



157_Page 155Saturday. 22nd. April. 1843.

Another sweet day. A summers sun. We have resolved to arise earlier than we do at present, for a wonder. M H. makes the proposition, to which I cordially agree. My ankle a little stiff this morning, but no pain. I intended to keep quiet to.day, for fear of a return of the pain. We are sitting without fire, the air is so lovely and mild. My cold is much better, indeed quite well. Remsen does not appear quite well to.day. Julie, fell in the mud gutter, with her hoople. A new pair of boots came home from Middletons.

April 21, 1843 – “Sisters, pale and miserable as usual, and an injured foot”


156_Page 154Friday. 21. st of April. 1843.

A lovely summers day, at last; almost too oppressive in the sun. We all felt charmed this morning to see this delightful weather. My cold was laid on the shelf, and I set out for a gala. day. Dressed early, but before setting out on my travels, Maria came in, pale and miserable. Mrs Purdy, and Mrs Halsey called to see me. I went down Broadway with Maria, she looked at silks, and cardinals, to get the fashion. At the park, jumped in a stage and rode to Chelsea. In getting out of the stage, I slipped and strained my foot; but thought little of it at the time. Met Mrs Van Nest, at mothers; and Mrs Vradrenberg, also. Sat untill dinner, found Mr H. awaiting my arrival, lieing on the sofa. The warm weather overcomes him. Mr Vradenber, and C. took tea with me, Sis entertained them with her songs….

157_Page 155Mr H, did not come home to tea, and spent the evening out. Simon also was from home, so that “James Lynch”, had to escort them to a stage. I regretted it should have happened so, being an unusual affair in our family. I rubbed my food with whisky before going to bed, and suffered considerable pain in the ankle joint, after rubbing the part affected. Had a nervous chill, and was quite un- happy untill I forgot all my troubles in a sweet sleep. Told Mr H. I would cry, as that always relieves me.


April 20, 1843 – “New gaiter boots”


156_Page 154

Thursday.20. th. of April. 1843.

The rain over, and sun shineing faintly, not perfectly clear; untill noon. Julie, walked out with me, she was measured for a pair of gaiter boots. She did not go far as the air was rather damp and sis became fatigued. I went out in the afternoon and enjoyed a long walk. Took a collar to be pleated, Linen cambers. Purchased a tooth.brush 25 cts. Elastics for Julie 15 cts Ribbon for her hair 9.d. Punished Louis this afternoon for disobedience.


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