February 18, 1852 – “Julia is 43 years old today”

February. 18. /1852. Wednesday. 19 Charlton St.
A pleasant day.
My birthday. 43 years to.day.

How old I feel to.day. years seem
like past dreams, so indistinct and faded.
But at no period of my life, have I had cause [ text ends]


February 15-17, 1852 – “A friend and foe;” and Lover, combined, is too much to bear.

Sunday. 15. Feb. 1852.
A fine day. Walking miserable.
All the family went to church.
I felt languid, and went to bed, slept two hours.
Went up with Julia after dinner.
George & Charlotte in our pew.
Mr Duvall sat opposite.
A solemn sermon from Mr Hutton, “Sins be of good
cheer.” the text.
I walked a few blocks to oblige Charlotte; stopped
to see Mrs Smith, no one answered the bell.
Mr D. returned, but did not remain the evening.
Julia wrote her composition.

Monday. 16. Feb. /52.
A pleasant day. Streets rivers of mud.
I rode up to see mother.
sat two hours with her. Returned to lie down before
dinner. Walked after dinner; no I mistake.
Maria dined with us on a fine Turkey. She went
up with, all this is wrong.[see cross out in original]
I dressed early and went around to see Mrs Tileston
waited to see her, found her at my home, and our confab
was long, and confidential. Her views are similar
to mine; her fears less.

Tuesday. 17. Feb. /1852.
A fine day.
Mrs Leati, called to ask
Julia to come up to take her Music lesson.
I passed the morning with mother.
Maria dined with us, walked up with J to Mr Leati’s
They met Dr D.: he went up to Chelsea, to bring J home
and then came in to pass the evening.
Julia, did not go to her grandmothers.
“A friend and foe;” and Lover, combined, is too much to bear.

February 14, 1852 – “Valentine’s card from Dr. D.”

Saturday. 14 Feb./1852.

Unpleasant, Snowing and wet.
Julia went to the
hair dressers thro.’ the mud.
Susan came in to sit an hour.
Julia wrote to Rima, called in to see Mrs Smith.
I walked after dinner, it cleared off charming.

Example of early Valentine’s Day card

Three beautifull Valentines came for Julia the most exquisite from Mr D. Original lines very pretty.
Expensive youth, to spend ten dollars for this love love token, beautifull as it is!!

February 13, 1852 – “Refections”

Friday. 13. Feb.

A dull fall of Snow.

I prepared to dine with mother, but
gave up when the snow fell.
Must get there before spring opens. It is hard
for me to dine from home, and to get out in the
evening is worse, as G. is never ready.
He dislikes any social tea drinks, and although a Dutchman
by birth, will not keep the time honored Customs.
My mother wished me to dine & take tea with
her occasionally, and I must do it, I shall not have
her long; and when gone, how great will be my remorse.
Now a thousand kindnesses, which I might have
rendered to those who are gone, come before me,
and make me reproach myself for negligence.
How I wish I had come down from Sing Sing,
to see my poor sick father, but now too late my
sins of omission are repented.
Let me learn to be wise, and embrace the
present moment, for to do good, should be the aim
of my few remaining years.

Mr Leati gave Julia her lesson.
Eugene came in after he left, took tea with us.
Mr Duvall came after tea, presented Miss J. a
pair of “pink mittens.” from the fair.

February 12, 1852 – “The children doing well in school”

Thursday. 12th Feb. 1852.
Cold, and high wind. The streets dry.

Our house quiet, the children go off to
school as sober as old people.
Remsen, is a faithfull student, and Louis does better this
winter, altho.’ he dislikes Latin & Greek.
Julia, studies little at home, but still keeps her rank,
and gets her perfect marks.
To day the sewing society meets, I would like to go.
Maria & Miss E. Babcock paid me a
visit., E. looks pretty. I took a walk before dinner.
I went with Julia to walk in the afternoon, it was
cold, but dry.
Bought a slate & note papers. A phamfolet [sic] on [Dr]
Dr Rogars case?
Met the Miss Woods in [Crowens]
Mr H. went up to 28th Street. “Distrait”.

George W. passed the evening. He looks well
and is gentlemanly. Left before ten.