November 29, 1843 – “All about the Balsam”


pg 025“Two bottles Indian Balsam” to night.
Wednesday. 29. th. November. 1843.
Snow, rain, and hail.

G. [com]. Loui’s remedy.
When we arose this morning, it was dull
and clouded, snow soon fell, followed by rain.
Maria, came in, sat an hour.
The Miss Willards, and Miss Platt called to see me.
Mr John Varick also. I was not dressed when they
came, but made my toilette quickly.
Time flies swiftly, and my affairs do not
progress as they should. “[Com.] 2 Bottle Indian Balsam
Rain in my bones The storm continues.balsam

November 28, 1843 – “Julia’s new book: The Mysteries of Paris & Gerolstein: A Sequel to the Mysteries of Paris”


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pg 025Tuesday.28. th. November. 1843.
Clear as chrystal [sic], but cold.

Arrangeing our winters store’s this morning. I find
my flour room too small. Mr H, has laid in
Two tubs butter
Thee[sic] bags Buckwheat meal; and other articles for consump-
tion through the comeing season.
Remsen’s velvet over coat came home. I took
him to walk, we did not get up to Mrs Okill’s.
G. came home to finish a dish of fine oysters
which I could reccommend [sic] highly.
I walked with him to the store after dinner,
returned to tea; tired out, not being well
G. bought me “Gerolstein the sequel of the Mysteries ”
The Mysteries of Paris & Gerolstein: A Sequel to the Mysteries of Paris
Sue, Eugene; Town, Charles H. (Translator)
Published by Harper & Brothers, New York, 1843

November 27, 1843 – “”Sewing, shopping and eating”


pg 024Monday.27. th. November. 1843.
Cold, and clear, young winter.

I cut out some flannel for Louis,
partly made one night gown.
Went to Middletons, was measured for lined boots.
called on Mrs Anelli, not at home.
Returned home to eat a hearty dinner.
Sewed all the afternoon, and evening.
Purchased two dimity ruffles, for the boys. 50. cts.
Cords and tassels, added to our curtains.

November 26, 1843 – “Degradation of women in India”


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pg 024 Sunday. 26. the. November. 1843.
A fine Indian summers day.

I took the children to Church, they
behaved very well, Remsen looked beautifull.
Went alone in the afternoon, heard old Mr Scudder, a missionary who had been twenty years in India, at Madras. He repeated to me facts, already familiar, on the degradation of their females.
Mothers wedding day.

November 25, 1843 – “Calling on the Miss Willards and Garret not home again”


pg 024Saturday. 25. th. November. 1843.
A lovely, clear day.

I was prepareing to make pump-
kin pies, when Maria, came in to get me to go with
her to call on the Miss Willards, from Albany.
At twelve we started. Henry, Maria, Julie, and self.
Sat a few moments with the young ladies. I invited
them to take tea with me, but they declined.
Mr Sampson’s house very handsome.
We called on Miss Burgoyne, found her extremely
clever and agreeable.
Broadway, thronged with people, enjoying the fine day.
There was one in this crowd, alone interesting to me.
Julie, looked sweet in her new coat. Maria,
dined with us. G did not come home.


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