19 Charlton St.
Friday April 29th /1853.

I packed our trunks, and bid adieu
to our pleasant home. Left Mr H. the boys and servants
to finish up moveing [sic]. Took the cars for 19teenth St.
Mother received Julia, & myself most kindly, and during
our visit, all our pleasures and comforts were attended too.
We had a charming time, and every thing was harmonious.
Laura & the children made a pleasant variety.
My miserable attack left me quiet & rest restored me
to a state of composure, and all my troubles were
covered over with smiles.
Julia went to school, took the omnibus & her lunch.
Aunt Cate looked after us all & was the good angel of
the household. The Miss B’s from next door called, and
Mr D. came in time.
Mr H. had an attack of chills, was sick in bed, the expo.
sure of the new house made Louis sick also. Rem
looked slim, they worked hard.
I went to 24th in the middle of May. It was two
months before the house was in order.
New carpets, oil cloths, and furniture for Julia’s room,
window shades, chandeliers, occupied time.
This situation is delightfull.
We went to the Ridge in July.
after Julia finished school.
She passed a good examination, and left at the head of
her classes, loaded with premiums, humours; and the

affection of all her teachers, & companions.
Cate, went with me, to witness the closeing [sic] scene of
Cousin Julia’s, honorable school career.
I felt proud of my little scholar, and feel that my
labour has not been in vain.