Monday. 11th October 1852.

Clear, and warm sunshine.

The storm has passed over leaving all clear
and bright. I feel dull in the morning, but G. is more
willing to get out of bed.
Julia, went to school for the first time this morning.
Fannie, went sick with a bad cold. She is very
delicate, but not in appearance; sickly
I have a slight cold on my chest. Went through
the house putting all things in their place.
Took a walk, left some fine collars & sleeves to be fluted.
Met Rebecca Champlin and sister in Canal St.
Laid on the sofa an hour; to reflect.
Wrote three pages in this book.
Went to bed, did not sleep. Julia came in from
Mr H. came in late, took a slight dinner, looked wor.
ried, but did not tell me his trouble.
We went to ride, Charly. Still lame, but not skittish. A lovely afternoon for riding, we did not
go far; I was not fatigued; but enjoyed the air.
Mr H. told me his trouble, a mistake of 100
shares of stock, either lost, or stolen, not accounted
for at the bank. I do not know how to sympa.
thize in such afflictions; but wish to try and allinate [sic]
the grief. I am opposed to all business of the un.
certain kind; it is so depressing to the spirits.

Julia goes to her lessons like the martyr to the
stake, and no doubt will pass the fiery ordeal
with victory and triumph.
She frets at the confinement of school, but I
am truly happy to get her mind once more prop.
erly employed. Three moments of perfect rest
should inspire fresh ordour in the breast of the
rotary of learning.

Mrs Berger called, during my ride.
Mr Leati, gave a lesson.