184_Page 182New York Thursday 30. th. December. 1841.

Damp, dull overcast sky; rain or snow threatening, still mild, and spring like. We arose, all in good health, and sat down to the best Buckwheat cakes, imagineable[sic]. I had a singular dream this morning; too strange to relate, they have been few, and far between lately. Fell in a peck of troubles this morning, all about nothing, imaginary wants are, foolish companions. Walked out this morning down Broadway, looked for Fringe bought two yards at Mrs Andersons, paid six shillings, and horrible to relate it was no match. At eleven oclock the rain commenced falling, and continued untill evening. I could not go out, so set myself down to patch Louis pantaloons, succeeded admirably, they look like a new suit…185_Page 183Sent Bridget, and Simon through the rain for my cakes. They brought them safely home. Louis, new suit came home, Black velvet coat, cloth pantaloons. He was delighted with them, and went in the store for admiration. Sis, and Rem, both cried to touch the buttons, but Louis would not allow them even to look the way he was. So much for Pride. Remsen has a bad cold in his head, but is playfull and does not appear sick. Julie, complains of a sore mouth, and looks very pale. Garret, has recovered from his indisposition. We spent our evening to-gether reading and chatting. Had our curtains put up to.day. I swept and dusted the parlour for exercise.