Tuesday. 17 June. 1851.

Clear, cool and bright.
An unfinished impression. We have autumn weather,
a fire in the basement is delightfull.
I felt dull, my bones ached, and my desire to sleep was
intense. G. dressed before me, and seems more like himself.
I took Cate to walk after my toilette was made; it is
too cool for shower baths.
We went to Bulpins, I bought a mantilla $1.50
Looked for other goods. Our walk home charming.
My bonnet too thin for the weather; keep on the blue.

Wednesday. 18th June. 1851.
$2 from G. A clear, cool day:
I bought some trimming
for Julia’s[ barrege], took it to Mrs B. went to mothers.
Pa seems better, but looks like a shadow. Henry is much
improved. Had been to walk for air.
San Francisco again in ruins, a fire has laid low all its fair
seems of wealth and business. [According to records, i think the fire took place on June 22 or it was in May]

Thursday. 19th June. 1851.
Well done for me “Bear and forbear”. A fine day, becoming sultry.
Maria went with me to “Stewarts”. I purchased
a plaid blue summer silk $10.50 cts. Silk gloves 5 shilling.
On our return found a note of invitation from Mrs Priestly,
wishing all the family to pass the evening with her.
Mrs Mary Smith called in our absence. Left a book for Julia.
Garret went to ride with Louis, left an apology for D.
Maria, had a headache declined going also.
I dressed, and went with Julia at 8 oclock. Was cordially