099_Page 97Thursday. 5. th. January. 1843.

Mild as Spring, and a general thaw.

I ventured out this morning, but felt as if walking in the river, while the roofs were dropping continually. Sat an hour with Mrs Newby, she was complaining of a bad cold. Went up to see Mrs Halsted, she had had a return of bleeding of the throat in the night. Felt interested for her, she is in a dangerous situation. Maria, dined with us; brought Julie a new song. Garret, would not give me my present, disappointed me sadly, thinks he will suit my taste on some future occasion. Mr H. historyofbroadwa00ward_0010went to hear “Bishop Hughes” Lecture on the civilization produced by Religion. Tabernacle avowed to exess [sic] I prefered a warm bath at home.