194_Page 192Thursday.13.July.1843.

A cool day, with an overcast sky.
I went up to Parmely’s with Maria,
sat two hours waiting, he makes a tedious piece of business of this operation. Mr E. Parmely; gone west, I could not pay him. G. says I will have a little more spending money now. We all went to Niblo’s in the evening. Maria, Bridget, the three children, and G and myself.  Saw the Ravels, in the their ” statue ary groups”,beautifully repre-
sentations of the ancient models. Helen, had been at Williamsburg, and did not get home time enough to go with us. I ate a hearty supper of bread, ham, the ravelsport.wine, and to top it off, my Balsam.

Friday.14.July. 1843.

Still cool, and clouded sky.
I arose this morning with difficulty, felt quite
unwell all day; my stomach disordered.
Slept half the morning. Could not eat anything. Maria, came in for an hour.
Helen had a tooth out. I read “Stephens”‘ and to not ask a more agreable companion.
Took Rhubarb, and Magnesia at bed-time, to please G.D.H.

Saturday.15.teenth.July. 1843.

Close morning. Shower at noon, clear sun set.
I have felt better to.day, my appetite much better,
but I do not indulge it.
Wish for country air, despair of obtaining this month.
We are completely tied down, I have mended, and put in
order the clothes, besides reading and sleeping.

7 lbs. white albs brown sugar. 1 lb tea come home to day.
Six brooms also.
We find our family expenses much larger this spring.
They seem to accumulate yearly. I avoid company as much
as possible, but there are some additions unevoidable [sic]